Church Picnic

Sunday, June 25

The day will begin with coffee and cookies at 9:30 a.m.  At 10:00 a.m. we will gather in the tent in the parking lot for our morning worship service.  Be sure to bring your lawn chairs as a limited number of benches will be available for seating.  The usual picnic stage will be replaced with a podium for the pastor.

After the worship service everyone is encouraged to stay and enjoy the rest of the day.  There will be food, fellowship, and fun.  There will not be an evening worship service.

The CWM (Carmel Women’s Ministries) will be serving those delicious Carmel taverns, chips, pies, and beverages for a free will donation. This will be available after the worship service and throughout the afternoon.  The canteen will have pop, ice cream, cantaloupe, watermelon, and candy available after the worship service and throughout the afternoon as well.  The canteen will use the traditional purchasing and payment with tickets.

There will be a number of things for the kids and adults to enjoy throughout the afternoon.  There will be a fishing pond with prizes, Bouncy Houses, and a Bean Bag Tournament.

Volunteers Needed

So that everyone can enjoy the “CHURCH PICNIC” we need some willing volunteers to man the canteen throughout the day.  If you can help us out for a half-hour time slot, please sign up on the sheet at the Coffee Station in the coming weeks.  We will also need Bean Bag games.  If you have one, we can use that day, please sign the sheet on the Coffee Station as well.